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Frank LaRose

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Frank LaRose
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Frank LaRose

RealRed line Conservative Leadership for Ohio

Frank LaRose in safety glasses with workers on the job

A Record We Can Trust

As Secretary of State, Frank LaRose oversaw new business creation and helped lead the way for Ohio to become one of the top-ranked states in economic performance.

For Frank LaRose the fight doesn’t stop there. The liberal establishment in Washington has turned our economy upside down and inflated prices on everything from gas to groceries. Frank LaRose will right their wrongs by reining in wasteful spending and fighting to make middle-class tax cuts permanent.

A Veteran We Can Rely on

Frank LaRose is a proud US Army Veteran and served in the special forces as a Green Beret. Frank served in a counternarcotics force, a unit that worked alongside Border Patrol to prevent drugs from coming in our country.

While career politicians in DC can only imagine the chaos that’s ensuing at our border and the consequences of weak security, Frank LaRose has seen it up close and personal. Frank will work tirelessly to finish the wall and invest heavily in our border security to stop dangerous drugs and people from flooding our country.

Frank LaRose in military uniform with his wife
Frank LaRose at a football game with his wife and children

A Family Man We Know

Some Ohioans know Frank as a Veteran. Others know him as Secretary of State. But to his three young girls, he’s simply “dad,” and that’s his proudest accomplishment yet.

Frank’s daughters rely on him to provide a safe place to grow and learn and that’s exactly what he will deliver for all Ohioans. From ridding our streets of dangerous criminals and squashing efforts to defund the police, to giving local parents the decision-making power in their child’s classroom, Frank will always put Ohio families first.